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     China's Investment Surge in the U.S. Half-Day Forum: Myths, Realities and Lessons Learned 
  Event Type: General Membership Meeting
  Date: Thursday, November 15, 2012, 08:00 to 13:00
  Venue: Four Seasons Hotel 500 Wei Hai Road (Cnr. Shi Men Yi Road)    Map
上海四季酒店 威海路500号, 近石门一路    地图
  Cost: Member (RMB): 500.00
Non-Member (RMB): 800.00
  Payment Method: - Pay Online
- Upon registration at the event venue



China's Investment Surge in the United States: Myths, Realities and Lessons Learned

Event Summary

On November 15, AmCham Shanghai hosted the Asia Society Northern California for a half-day forum to debut a new report published by the Asia Society, Chinese Direct Investment in California, and to discuss Chinese foreign direct investment into the United States, and into California in particular. The U.S. will attract up to US$400 billion in new direct investment from China by 2020, with California benefiting in particular, according to the report, which is co-authored by Daniel H. Rosen and Thilo Hanemann of the Rhodium Group.

The forum featured two panel discussions, one focused on investing in to the United States in general, and a second that focused on case studies from California’s experience. Panelists highlighted the need for each state to step up investment promotion efforts. Competition from other states, and nations, is intensifying, and the traditional hands-off approach is outdated and inadequate. States must also lead the way to help resolve national anxieties over China. While security screening for foreign investments is both necessary and legitimate, concerns can be politicized for protectionist ends, said the panelists.

Participants asked why there is a perception among Chinese investors that the U.S. is closed for business. The panelists explained this was largely because of political rhetoric from both the Chinese and U.S. governments, despite states’ desire for the opposite. Participants also asked about the success of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) operating in the U.S. Panelists pointed out that U.S. banks are comfortable making loans to SOEs because of their credibility and reliability and that some SOEs are willing to spend more money to get things “right” when coming to do business in the U.S., while private firms may not see the benefit.

The report’s global release, including a full Chinese-language version of the report, took place on November 15 in Shanghai and on November 16 in Beijing. The report was released in the United States on October 10 in San Francisco and October 11 in Los Angeles. For further information and to download the report, please visit

To read the media release on the event, click here.

Event Announcement

The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai is pleased to host the Asia Society Northern California for a half-day forum on Chinese direct investment into the United States on Thursday, November, 15 from 08:00–13:00 at the Four Seasons Hotel.

This event is the China launch of the global rollout of Asia Society's Chinese Direct Investment in California report, and the report co-author, Daniel H. Rosen, Founder and China Practice Leader of Rhodium Group will join to lend his expertise on the issue.

The half-day forum will feature panelists who will discuss the challenges and opportunities of investment into the United States, which industries are ripe for investment and lessons learnt from those already investing.

Topics of discussion include:

  • The current political and economic situation in the U.S. and how this impacts investor decisions.
  • What legal, bureaucratic and other procedures and practices Chinese investors need to know as they prepare to enter the U.S. and California markets.
  • Case studies of successful investment into the U.S.

About the Speakers:

Keynote Address
Gary Rieschel, Founder and Managing Partner, Qiming Venture Partners
Kenneth J. Petrilla, Executive Vice President, Head of China Desk, Wells Fargo Bank (Introducing)

Carmen Chang, Special Senior Advisor, New Enterprise Associates
Howard Chao, Senior Partner, O’Melveny and Myers
Chris Cooper, National Leader, U.S. Chinese Services Group, Deloitte
Feng Deng, Founding Managing Director, Northern Light Venture Capital
Kenneth Jarrett, Chair, AmCham Shanghai; Chairman, Greater China, APCO Worldwide
Mark A. Lewis, Commerical Officer, U.S. Embassy in Beijing
Kenneth J. Petrilla, Executive Vice President, Head of China Desk, Wells Fargo Bank
N. Bruce Pickering, Vice President, Global Programs, Asia Society; Executive Director, Asia Society Northern California
John Rindlaub, Regional President, Asia Pacific, Wells Fargo
Daniel H. Rosen, Founder and China Practice Leader, Rhodium Group (report co-author)
Robert Theleen, Chairman and CEO, ChinaVest; ViceChair, The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai
John S. Wadsworth, Advisory Director, Morgan Stanley; Vice-Chair, Asia Society
Ken Wilcox, Chairman, Silicon Valley Bank

The cost for participants will be 500 RMB for members, 800 RMB for non-members. To download the full program, please click here.

To download the full Chinese Direct Investment in California report, click here.


上海美国商会将携手北加利弗尼亚州亚洲协会(Asia Society)于1115日(星期四)上午8:00-13:00在上海四季酒店举办“中国在美国的直接投资”论坛。

本次活动是亚洲协会在全球推广其《中国在美国加利福尼亚州直接投资报告》的中国发布会。该报告共同作者美国荣鼎集团(Rhodium Group)创始人与中国事务负责人Daniel H. Rosen将出席论坛,并分享他的见解。



  • 当前美国社会的政治与经济状况将如何影响投资者的决策
  • 中国投资者在进入美国和加州市场前所需了解的法律、行政及其他流程和手续
  • 投资美国的成功案例


Gary Rieshcel, 启明创投创始人与管理合伙人
Kenneth J. Petrilla,  美国富国银行执行副总裁,中国业务负责人

Carmen Chang,科文顿•柏灵律师事务所高级顾问,美国恩颐投资(NEA)特别高级顾问
Howard Chao, 美国美迈斯律师事务所高级合伙人
Chris Cooper,德勤美中服务组负责人
邓峰(Feng Deng),北极光创投创始人
季瑞达(Kenneth Jarrett),上海美国商会主席,安可全球大中华区主席
Mark A. Lewis, 美国驻中国大使馆商务专员
Kenneth J. Petrilla,  美国富国银行执行副总裁,中国业务负责人
N. Bruce Pickering, 亚洲协会全球项目副主席;北加州亚洲协会执行总监
John Rindlaub,  美国富国银行亚太区主席
Daniel H. Rosen,美国荣鼎集团创始人与中国事务负责人(报告共同作者)
白德能(Robert Theleen),  中创企业管理咨询主席与首席执行官;上海美国商会副主席
John S. Wadsworth,摩根士丹利咨询总监,亚洲协会副主席
魏高思 (Ken Wilcox),美国硅谷银行总裁




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